Wedding Day

We share our thanks for our bride and groom,
For a bright, beautiful wedding day
Hope is in our hearts, as we can pray

We can be thankful for lovely things,
For a happy, healthy family
Hope is in our hearts, due cheerfully

We the faithful can pray from the heart,
For a lengthy, prosperous marriage
Hope is in our hearts, at all ages

Love Is

love is something that...
wonderful hat!
it is never mat...
how beautiful dat!


give thanks to the Lord,
for He is good
He made earth and sky,
for us He would
we feed ourselves,
both saved and should
to God give thanks,
He knows we could

Good Morning to You

Good morning to You,
We'll always be true
We're all in our places
With bright, shiny faces
Good morning to You,
We'll always love You

The Fire Within!

The fire within!
Praise to you, higher!
Let the love begin,
My heart's for hire

My mind's on fire!
Praise to you, Lord!
My soul's for hire,
Armed with your Word

I read your Word!
Praise to you, Spirit!
Our kin-dom's to win,
The Bible I visit

Hope Heals the Earth

canticles of song
can't miss the sight of
mantles of rock,
verdant valleys,
swift streams,
red, red roses

all bright hymns
can't meet the might of
roaring lions,
soaring eagles,
happy beagles,
blue, blue ponds

fierce ocean billow
can't touch the fight of
spiraling thunderheads,
plundering floods,
vain hurricanes,
gray, gray tornadoes

the duties of humankind
can reach God's rite of
sweeping winds,
sparkling sunshine,
moon-leaped waves,
green, green leaf poses

Love God, and Love Your Neighbor, Too

Of all the things that God has asked us to do,
It is to love Him, and love your neighbor, too

And even if you are pro, and they are always con,
It is to love Him, and love your neighbor, too

And even though you think you can't go on,
It is to love Him, and love your neighbor, too

So if you accept your loss, and find you have won,
It is to love Him, and love your neighbor, too

Christian Discipline

     Found peace in m'heart
Comes while I'm sayin'.

     Found life in m'soul
Comes while I'm prayin'.

     Found truth in m'mind
Comes while I'm obeyin'.

     Found the way in m'strength
Comes while I'm stayin'.


there is a time
throughout my entire life
where everything
stands still

there is a time
held every day
where people
are Jesus

there is a time
every encounter
where people
are spirits

any given time
life is abundant
where even stars
hold at will

things are different
I am the same
where everything
is straight

things are different
things are narrow
where people
are the Holy Spirit

things are different
things are right
where people
are soldiers

any given time
the way is willful
where even the moon
moves the hill

reality is real
I am myself
where everything
is safe

reality is real
things are steel
where people
are God

reality is real
things are felt
where people
are human

any given time
the truth stands out
where even the sun
stands still

Love Eternally

love those who hurt
love the helpful.
love those undue
love the true.
love your enemies
love your friends.
love those of enmity
love your Savior.
love the One,
God almighty,
Jesus Christ,
the Holy Spirit.
your neighbor,
all the time,


Pick at your keyboard,

complain, ache and have a fit

and consume french fries!

Nature's Our Hearth

The earth is owned.  Produce is cloned.
Nature is harmed.  Atmosphere warmed.

Now is the time.  Tackle our climes.
Clean up our earth.  Nature's our hearth.

Prayer Fulfills

Blast the sin that confronts us.
Holy Lord, bless the least of us!

Serve those who are bed-ridden.
God Almighty, save the righteous!

Shake hands with the lowly stranger.
Jesus, share peace with the lonely!

Rest the ungodly in their homes.
Holy Ghost, remind us of the Word!

     Things are created by God in his honor.
     God Invincible, thank you for your gifts!




Sunny skies in my workday,

Cooling breezes in my way

Red-ripe fruit I do partake,

Dreaming after I awake

There is nothing to compare

To God's Creation, oh fair

"environmental stewardship," a poem

earth, wind, fire and rain,   
we're sowing through our hearts again,  
and though we ever see anew,   
I always think of you...      

earth, wind, fire and rain,   
we're viewing with our hearts in vain,   
and though we blindly see it through,   
I always think of you...      

mountains, valleys, hills,   
we're glorying through our minds as thrills,   
and though we ever press the view,   
I always think of you...      

mountains, valleys, hills,   
we're knowing in our minds with kill,   
and though we press our burdens few,   
I always think of you...

"Democracy," a poem

democracy stirs --
better now that one votes --
voters together --
candidates have voters' tether.

democracy deals --
all reach the ideal vote --
voters to reveal --
candidates see voters' appeal.

democracy palls --
all for votes, votes for all --
voters can stand tall --
candidates will heed voters' call.

The Trinity

to be beautiful.
to be at peace with the Lord.
to love at all cost.

Big brother

Big brother

splashing at the waves,
big brother is a giant
among the riptides

'Till we meet again, friend

'Till we meet again, friend,
Until we see His Face;
'Till our days are finished,
Until we finish our race;
Darkness may befall us,
That we know 'till won;
'Till we see each other,
Until we see the Son.

Love you

Love you

Humility is to be humble...
Meekness is never shy
Moments with God alone
Has never ended with why.

Small is still a virtue...
Less is but more to God
Moments with God alone
Is still a love for you.

Soul-spire the world renown

Soul-spire the world renown

soul-spire the world renown,

whether to look or look back or down
though every is enough,
it's the journey tough

Hitch your wagon to a star

Hitch your wagon to a star

hitch your wagon to a star,

it doesn't matter where you are;
yes, God made nature, that's true,
but, nature is, too

Night rite

Night rite

slovenly i long
for doing the task at hand
heck, it's Saturday

Calling all cars! This
is 102, the night's new,
neon signs in view...

Punch the walls, time is
calling me for a beer, here,
hear me I'm calling

can't complain, it's main
lane shining with girls, glass, chrome
home is far away

glad to meet you, near
to my heart, my dear, way
to spend my eve'ning.

Too close for comfort,
too lame my name, here forward,
tickets too costly

my dark home to roam,
mark my night with might and flight,
tomorrow, the Light

Tea for two

Tea for two

tea for two

for you and me

rather for a cup

to sup, to gather

whether hot or warm

we charm or not

yes, leaves to please

with ease it relieves

tea in a cup

yes, sup with me

It is written

It is written

it is written, in the stars

ours, is a play of actors
knowing what's right,
willing to fight
but fighting without wars



They say it came from the south
South of the Rio Grande
It came from the cattle and cowhand

They say its roots run deep
Down to the nearest water
It goes down deeper as the climate gets hotter

They say it blooms last in Spring
Around the first part of April
It brings wily looks to the creeks and the hills

They say it makes furniture, though
And the best of smoke flavor
It nears the fact you can put it in favor!